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Specializes in business security camera and home security camera systems. We offer sale and installation of high end security cameras, CCTV systems, video surveillance systems, access control - card access, fingerprint, face recognition, Intercom and communication systems. We are a leading DVR and CCTV security cameras system provider based in Houston, TX. We provide PC Based DVR, Stand Alone DVR, CCTV Cameras, Night-Vision Cameras and Capture Cards. We provide solutions to most complex areas of video surveillance and CCTV security camera systems.

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"We deliver the latest in technology for securing your home or business." From real-time CCTV monitoring and digital recording to biometric access and time tracking, we provide security solutions that put you in control. From Spy Cameras to digital video recorder equipment, we offer high quality video surveillance products at everyday low prices. We offer complete security camera solutions that are becoming an absolute necessity for your business and home. Chain stores, commercial customers and homeowners approve of our top-notch services and innovative product lines and appreciate our outstanding effort at handling their CCTV security business. We make sure to deliver the special care and attention that is required toward improving your DVR Surveillance system for business and home security equipment.
"We stand behind our work and equipment we provide and we are committed to provide you with best warranty and after warranty service. Please call us to find out more about CCTV installation and technology, especially IP Megapixel Cameras and NVR recorders."
We satisfy the increasing demand for enhanced, cutting-edge optical performance to match the impressive imaging capability.

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention - protect your profits by reducing shrinkage & managing operations with help of CCTV security camera system. Reductions in internal & external shrinkage can easily be achieved with the application of the right system that also brings additional benefits to help protect profits and provide useful data. CCTV security cameras can capture activity at tills and record the transaction with the event. Our POS terminal can take all till transaction data and superimpose them 'POS overlay' over the camera image allowing you to reconcile items purchased with transaction data. This allows you to compare the amount and cash handled in relation to a purchase. Complete Surveillance Security Camera Systems these systems are designed specifically for home Owners and Commercial applications like Grocery stores, Conveniences stores, Supermarkets. The systems come complete with Monitor, Digital Video Recorders, Cameras, Cables, brackets and Connectors. We offer unlimited expert support on all of our security cameras and video surveillance systems. Our DVR systems are designed specifically for home and business security and surveillance applications.

Famous Packages

The most popular features of our surveillance camera systems are: Night vision video, motion activated recording, remote viewing, PTZ camera control, months of video storage, our un-matched technical support and the great piece of mind our security solutions bring to our customers. Featured Products: Our Best Day/Night Cameras System
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Our certified technicians maintain the highest standards of service and professionalism. We are licensed, bonded and insured security company operation in Houston and surrounding areas.

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Security Surveillance cameras system Houston Texas is a full-service company. Our experienced security camera consultants will meet with you at your home or office in the Houston Metroplex to review your needs and concerns, and will provide you with a solution tailored to your specific requirements for Surveillance cameras system. Schedule a FREE Security Camera System Estimate TODAY! We are a full service security camera systems and Loss Prevention company serving the greater Houston area. We keep your home and business safe by professionally installing a security camera system that will bring you peace of mind.

CCTV Security Camera Guide

Latest news and trends in CCTV Technology

A wide portfolio of products for professional IP video surveillance Whether you are looking for a video surveillance solution to secure the safety of people and places, or to remotely monitor property and facilities, Axis can meet your needs. You benefit from an extensive selection of network cameras – several with megapixel/HDTV resolution – which come in different forms.

What is a video encoder?

A video encoder (also referred to as video server) digitizes analog video signals and sends digital images directly over an IP network, such as a LAN, intranet or Internet. It essentially turns an analog video system into a network video system and enables users to view live images using a Web browser or a video management software on any local or remote computer on a network. It allows authorized viewers from different locations to simultaneously access images from the same analog camera, as well as network cameras if they are added to the system.

Remote accessibility

An IP-based surveillance system will give you the ability to secure people and property, or monitor equipment and facilities, remotely from anywhere there is a networked computer. In addition, by utilizing the serial ports of a video server, you can remotely control existing equipment such as pan/tilt/zoom devices or time-lapse tape recorders. A video server can be connected to a wide variety of specialized cameras such as a miniature or microscope camera.

Computerized Monitoring

Computerized monitoring lets the computer do all the searching, only notifying security when it perceives a problem through analysis of its own data.

Multi-Camera Tracking

CCTV advancement has been with individual tracking. Security cameras are limited to the directions they can point, and the visible area within those directions. When a person goes out of the range of the camera, they are no longer visible. But more advanced CCTV technology allows these security cameras to pick up where one camera leaves off, following the person as they move from visible area to visible area.

Action Focusing

CCTV advancements can pick up actions, such as fights or loud noises, and tell the security cameras to focus on these actions so that the sound and activity can be more easily viewed. Cameras can be automatically programmed to move and zoon in towards the commotion in order to get a better view of what is happening. Technology for CCTV cameras and systems has come a long way over the past several decades. What originally was a basic way to monitor security cameras all in one place has advanced to become its own data system that allows for easier management, greater monitoring, and improved crime prevention. As things like VCA continue to evolve, it will not be long until it becomes extremely difficult to get away with any illegal activities without getting caught.

Choose DVR - Digital Video Recorder

Choose DVR

Our digital video surveillance systems are a great deterrent to criminal activity. All activities are stored in a digital form on a hard drive. Each system is custom built to meet the needs and budget of every single customer. Even though the technology is sophisticated, the systems themselves are easy to use and provide business customers with cost-effective dependable solution. Our systems are low maintenance and self-sufficient and a motion detection feature comes standard. Digital Surveillance offers a great feature of remote viewing. Multi-level access can be created and nobody can login to the system without authorization. The latest systems are compatible with PDA devices.

Choose Security Camera

Choose Security Cameras

Looking for a CCTV Surveillance camera with good quality at best prices, we are confident our surveillance cameras will have what you are looking for. Our CCTV cameras have been specially selected. Cameras are available for a wide variety of applications. We have weatherproof cameras, audio cameras, low light cameras, cameras with IR LEDs, PIR sensor alarms. Use for Home and Business Security, Stores, Pubs and Restaurants, Building Sites, Warehouses, Boats, Marine Use, Sports use, Wildlife, Farms, Surveillance and Covert use, Nursery and child care, Parking Lots.

Infrared Security Cameras

Night vision cameras combine a black and white camera with infrared illuminators for night time surveillance. Even if you use color night vision cameras, they will switch to black and white when used with the IR LED’s at night. This is because black and white cameras produce a better image that color cameras in low light levels. Cameras that are able to switch modes are also called day/night cameras. A built-in light sensor determines when light has changed enough for the camera to operate in night mode and prevents the switching of modes due to a cloud or another temporary object. Infrared illuminators can be purchased separately for cameras that do not come equipped with them.

Network IP Cameras

Network IP cameras connect to a computer network. They each have respective nodes, or network addresses, and act as video servers on the network. This allows a user to view the video from any computer equipped with a web browser such as Internet Explorer. No special cables are required; network cameras can plug in to any computer jack available on the local network. Surveillance can thus be handled remotely from anywhere in the world, so long as a user knows the IP address of the camera. Numerous protocols are used depending on the make and model of the camera, including TCP/IP, HTTP, and FTP.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are half spherical shaped cameras that are often used when discrete applications are needed. Dome cameras are typically used for indoor applications. It is hard to know when a dome camera is recording you because the dome can be smoked or tinted. Because of this, they are favored by many commercial industries, such as the hotel and casino industry. Domes come with fixed or varifocal lenses and some domes come equipped with LEDs for night vision capabilities. They are therefore extremely versatile cameras.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are also called lipstick cameras and are commonly used for outdoor applications. Most bullet cameras are limited to a fixed focal length. They get their name because of their shape and size. Bullet cameras are good for small spaces due to their small size. Many of the bullet camera models are known for their infrared capabilities. These security camera systems are often the first line of defense in preventing and reporting nighttime intruders to your home or business. Another common feature is a sunshield that prevents glare when operating the camera on a sunny day.

Vandal proof Cameras

Vandal proof cameras consist of a CCTV camera inside of a vandal resistant housing, making them perfect for thwarting thieves or mischievous persons. Most vandal proof cameras are of the dome type and some vandal proof housings are also IP66 rated weatherproof for outdoor use. Another useful feature found on some vandal proof cameras are LEDs for night vision capabilities.